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                  • Product Name: Acrylic laminated MDF board
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                  • Added time: 2013-09-28
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                  Arcylic Laminated MDF board 

                  1. The acrylic board with excellent transparency is made of a colorless and transparent organic glass board, and has the light transmittance of over 92 percent.
                  2. The acrylic board has excellent weather resistance, strong adaptability to natural environment and good ageing resistance and can be used outdoors, and performance cannot be changed even under the conditions of long-time solar radiation and exposure to wind and rain.
                  3. The acrylic board has good processability, is suitable for machining and is easily subjected to heat forming.
                  4. The acrylic board has excellent comprehensive performance, wide varieties and rich colors and can be dyed, diversified choices are provided for designers, and the surface of the board can be subjected to paint spraying, screen printing or vacuum coating.
                  5. The acrylic board is non-toxic, is harmless to people even if people contact the board for a long time, and is widely applied to industries such as cabinet furniture, carving, advertisement boards and decoration, and toxic gas is not generated when the board is burnt.
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