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                  • Product Name: Red Beech MDF
                  • Product Number: VMDF006
                  • Added time: 2014-03-21
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                  Veneer MDF 

                  Normal Size: 1220x2440mm

                  Door Size: 750-1050mm(Width)x2100mm/2150mm(Length) 

                  Face: One face or two faces, 


                  Density: 720-750kgs/m3 for 8-25mm 

                         800-880kgs/m3 for 2.0-7.6mm 

                  Glue : E2 or E1 

                  Grade: AAA, AA, A or Middle East market quality 

                  Veneer: including natural wood veneer and engineer veneer like Red oak , Red beech , Sapeli, Ash , Teak , Cherry , Walnut ,Rose wood, etc, 


                  Application: Interior decoration for hotel,office , home or furniture

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